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Furnished rental instructions

instructions to rent a furnished place in Paris

With CAPITALE PARTNERS, furnished rentals are:
safe, more flexible and more to your advantage


Which legislation contracts and taxes govern furnished rentals and what are the advantages for you?
Our specialists will answer all your queries.

Flexible legal framework
Which legal regime governs furnished rental property?

Favorable taxation
Each owner will be subject to individually assessed taxation.

A unique market
Learn how to handle the French regulations in furnished rentals.

What kind of lease? What are the rental terms?
What are the contents of our leases, duration, modalities of cancellation, guarantees, compulsory diagnoses. What are the taxes and charges that have to be paid during the rental period?

In concrete terms if i lease my property through CAPITALE PARTNERS, how much will it cost me?
On request you will receive from our Production department an assessed and personalized study plus a free appointment to estimate the value of your property.

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