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A unique market

Take advantage of expert advice.

Be cautious when approaching this a-typical furnished rental market. Its development will depend on circumstantial factors which we recognise and will analyse in depth. So as to be sure of making a good investment, it is essential that the rental conditions of your property should be minutely investigated.

The furnished rentals market is very specific, not only as regards the transactional part, but also as regards the preparation and presentation of the product itself.

Capitale Partners advises owners and investors up-front about the correct ways, not only of thinking, preparing, equipping and decorating the apartments, but also how to calculate the best quality/price ratio. Our advisers aim to save you time by attracting potential clients in the shortest possible time.

Our Production Department is able to prepare a personalised study, including a detailed, quantified report covering repairs, equipment, furnishings and decoration of the apartments. It can also make recommendations for improving the property.