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Dedicated rental management

Dedicated rental management for apartment owners in Paris

Let us introduce you to rental management. It is tailor-made for you!

CAPITALE PARTNERS introduces its first rental management platform dealing exclusivelywith furnished rentals. It is at your disposal.

Handing over the management of your furnished rentals to CAPITALE PARTNERS means:

YOU SAVE YOURSELF TIME because your property will be taken in hand completely (administration, legal and technical formalities).

YOU AVOID THE HASSLE AND BUREAUCRACY linked to the daily management of your property (paying taxes and charges, water damage declaration, follow-through with insurance companies, rent invoices and receipts, relationship with tenants, etc. CAPITALE PARTNERS will take care of all!

YOUR PEACE OF MIND knowing that your property is efficiently managed as legislation rentals and the tax regulations are constantly changing. our specialists trained in legacy management, taxation and property law will advise you and update you using the latest information technology.

INDIVIDUAL TAILOR-MADE FORMULA : CAPITALE PARTNERS has perfected individual packages, adapted to your requirements, costing you from 6% (+ 20% VAT) of your monthly income for standard management.

AN ORIGINAL MULTI-SERVICE OFFER : Over and above the standard tasks assigned to property management, find out about “flash” packs, insurance policy negotiated with our AXA broker, our selected service providers and, why not, how to link your rental income to a life insurance policy.

HOW TO SELL, HOW TO BUY : To be an owner/lessor means also how to buy and sell at the right moment. Our consultants will examine with you the profitability of your project or of your property, how to increase its value and choose the best time to invest your assets.



Put a stop to bad payers!

At CAPITALE PARTNERS, we think that unpaid rent is not unavoidable. It can be controlled. So as to avoid rental disaster, we choose the dependable type of candidate from strict criteria. We insist on guarantees and thus ensure prompt payment of rent and charges, litigation fees and any damages incurred to the property by the tenant. Thanks to our management packs which contain advantageous conditions for the owners.