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Rental conditions

Furnished or unfurnished apartment rental in Paris conditions

Why should you go through an agency?

By using a professional estate agent your transactions are automatically guaranteed.

CAPITALE PARTNERS, your consultant and intermediary, will show you high-class furnished properties at the right place, selected and confirmed by our staff. Go ahead and choose your new home, knowing that the agreements and leases will be clear because you were advised by an expert, who will remain at your disposal throughout your lease.

CAPITALE PARTNERS ensures the contractual balance of your rental agreement through mutual respect for each party’s rights and obligations. Legal assistance will ensure the establishment of a contract lending itself to each specific situation.

When faced with an unusual furnished rental market, be guided by our professional expertise.

Now you can consult the general conditions in our contracts:


Before taking over a property, the future tenant must produce the following documents:

Lease in lessee’s own name:
- employer’s attestation,
- last 3 salary slips or the 2 most recent French property tax or the 2 most recent tax returns (for those who are unemployed),
- copy of passport
- bank account details,
- latest rental receipt or most recent French property tax, - the documents to built the guarantee GRL-Guarantee for unpaid rents, if necessary,
- the attestation from a French bank or a French branch of a bank proving that a bank guarantee is being prepared, if necessary.

Lease under company’s name:
- company’s charter,
- latest annual balance sheets,
- identity documents of the company’s legal representative and of the future occupant,
- work contract of the future occupant .


The Peace of mind Pack includes : visit of the property, fees for the transaction and drawing up the contracts, as well as helping you to settle in.

For furnished rentals : According to the Law "Alur" and the decree n° 2014-890 of 2014/08/01, the fees are based on the duration of the rental, the type of lease depending of the profile of the tenant; they are payable at the signature of the lease:

. less than 1 year: 1 month’s rent + VAT with an agreement of adjustment of fees, to be paid by the tenant;

from 1 year and more, for a lease in favor of an individual for a second home, or within the framework of the exercice of a working function, or in favor of a legal entity: 12% of the annual rent + VAT;

from 1 year and more, for a lease in favor of an individual and for a main home: 15 €/sqm TVA included for the visit, the compiling of the file, the drafting of the lease, and 3 €/sqm TVA included for the checking in.

For unfurnished rentals, - for a lease in favor of an individual, after a strict examination of the client's file, the fees payable by the tenant are based on the article 5 of the Law dated 6 July 1989 and on the decree n° 2014-890 dated 2014/08/01 = 15 €/sqm VAT included (12 €/sqm VAT included for the visit, the compiling of the file, the drafting of the lease, and 3 €/sqm for the checking in;

- for a lease in favor of a legal entity: 12% of the annual rent (building charges excluded) + VAT, to be paid by the tenant.


On top the the rent, the tenant is responsible for certain expenses linked to the use of the property:

Taxe d'habitation:
which corresponds in UK to the Council tax, in the USA to the Occupancy tax. The tenant who has been in the property on the 1st January is liable for the entire sum. However, in certain cases, and following an agreement between the two parties, a pro rata is requested corresponding to the length of the rental. This tax may also be payable after the rental period.

To take out a multirisk household insurance policy:
The annual cost of this policy will depend on the size and furnishings of the property. In France you are obliged to subscribe to such a policy, failing this, the lease could be terminated.

these are always payable by the tenant or the occupant. They may include electricity, gas, telephone, internet, cable TV and other services. Thanks to Peace of Mind Pack, CAPITALE PARTNERS can transfer these utilities to your name.

Maintenance contracts for individual boilers:
The tenant is obliged by law to take out an annual maintenance contract for a gas boiler, at his own expense.

Final cleaning: the tenant must leave the property in perfect condition. At the end of his lease, the tenant will have the opportunity of using a cleaning service provided by CAPITALE PARTNERS according to a pre-agreed fixed price deal.