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Disparate increase of the restricted rents in Paris on August 1st, 2016

Within the framework of the Law Alur (2015), the increase of the already restricted Parisian rents for furnished  or unfurnished rentals has been published on June 22. The median rent is increased from about 0,5 to 2%. Mechanically, minus rents (- 30% of the median rent) and increased rents (+ 20% median rent) are concerned. To add: recoverable building charges, possibly a rent supplement.

The increase varies from one district to another, from one sector to another in the same district. Most of the increases have been higher than the quarterly IRL of the INSEE.

Let us remind that only are concerned the main residence leases for individuals. The other rentals will be increase according to the quarterly IRL.

 You can already calculate the rent to apply from 1 August on the interactive site:

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